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Unlocking the 40% Unutilized Space: Space Optimisation Tips

Let's face it, not all of us live in sprawling mansions. While decluttering is key, you still need smart solutions for the limited space that remains, right?

We both live in cozy family homes that we moved into as new builds - code for practically no storage and not a lot of spare space to add any. It's funny to think about it now, but Ellie once considered a massive extension for all of her ‘stuff’. Turns out, all she needed was to make the existing space work smarter for her family's needs.

The average people utilises 60% of their storage capacity- want to know where the other 40% is? In this post, we're diving into exactly this: the world of space optimisation using storage. We want you to make your home work for you and your family.

bed with built in storage with a teal storage ottoman

1. Multi-functional Furniture: The Space-Saving Champions

First up, ‘Multi-functional Furniture,’ the unsung hero of making the most of space work hard. Forget those over-the-top furniture transformations you see online, like sofas that convert into dining tables, a bath, and a rocket… Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but you get the picture. We are talking about practical, long-lasting, functional furniture.

Beds with Built-in Storage: Think ottomans for seasonal wardrobe changes, drawers for spare bed linen, places to store your holiday luggage, and so on.

Bonus tip: Use vacuum pack bags to maximize this space when storing clothing or bed linen (but label them to avoid mix-ups!). Ellie learned this lesson the hard way when she opened the wrong vacuum pack bag in the middle of the night after a child needed a bed change, and it was the wrong size duvet…not ideal.

Ottoman/Footstools: These are perfect for a cozy spot in your living room that doubles as storage for blankets, magazines, and games. Choose a design that matches your decor, and voila – a stylish, functional piece! Lucy uses these to hide away the kids’ devices and chargers.

Coffee Tables with Storage: Opt for ones with shelves or drawers. If a drawer makes it feel too bulky, try a basket on an open shelf to keep things out of sight and tidy. And have you seen those coffee table books that double as storage boxes? Perfect for remote controls! (Note to self: we need those).

woman looking up at a bookcase that is ceiling height.

2. Reaching New Heights: Utilizing Vertical Space

Next up, let’s look up! Seriously, vertical wall space is often overlooked. Think beyond the floor and explore the walls and doors for storage:

Tall/High Shelving Units: Ideal for everything from books to pantry items and bathroom essentials, so don’t limit yourself to thinking of a bookcase in the living room. Walk around your home and work out where you have wall space. A ceiling-height, narrow bookcase draws the eyes upwards and can also create an illusion of more space – BONUS.

Peg Boards: Great for adaptable storage that you can change up as your needs or the space changes. They’re perfect for gamers' headsets and controllers, or even as nerf gun storage - Lucy, take note post-Christmas!

Door Storage: Beyond the classic bathroom door hooks, think creatively. Coats behind the under-stairs door, mops and brooms inside cupboard doors, and hanging organizers. If you opt for hanging organizers, we would say preferably the ones that attach to the door (rather than go over the top) to avoid noise.

3. The Magic of Modular Furniture: Flexibility at Its Best

Modular furniture can be a game-changer in small spaces or multi-use rooms. These pieces can be rearranged to fit various needs and layouts, offering the kind of flexibility that is perfect for family life without overwhelming the space with huge pieces.

cardboard box with a printed sign saying donations. the box is open so toys are visible

4. Decluttering: The First Step to Space Optimisation

Before you add more storage, consider what you can remove. A thorough decluttering session can often free up more space than you think. Declutter first, and you’ll know exactly what you need to store.

Seasonal decluttering can help you keep the number of items under control, for example, as you do a seasonal wardrobe change. Decluttering means that you’re only storing items that you truly need. If you need more tips on decluttering, perhaps you should check out our Instagram page or download our '30 Days of 10-Minute Decluttering Tasks' to get you started.

Our last thoughts on the topic

Mastering the art of space optimization is all about creativity, flexibility, and making smart choices. By decluttering, using multi-functional and modular furniture, and thinking vertically, you can transform your space into an organized, functional, and stylish home.

We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences! What are your go-to storage solutions? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below and let's inspire each other to make the most of our homes.

Ready to revolutionize your space? Let’s do this!

Still feeling stuck? Get in touch at We can discuss your needs and how we can help you. Many of our clients find that booking a virtual ‘Get Me Morganised’ session has been great for space planning and kick-starting their organization goals.

Whatever your decluttering and organizing challenge, just remember, we get it, and we’ve got your back.

Ellie & Lucy

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