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We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve your goals. We can offer in person services in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. Virtual services have no location restrictions.

But can guarantee that all services are confidential and judgment free.

Please take a look below and then get in contact to book a free phone consultation to assess your needs.


In person service

Moving can be stressful and confusing, but we can help you feel right at home. We offer house move services that includes unpacking and organising your belongings, so you can have your new house unpacked and feeling like a home in record time. 

  • Pre- move planning of storage

  • Professional unpacking

  • Every item unpacked and organised.

  • (decluttering pre move, should be booked as an additional decluttering service)

Please be aware, we do not dispose of any charity or refuse items, but we can advise on services available

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In person service

It can be challenging to declutter your home. But we're here to help, asking questions to find out what your space needs and how we can support you in getting it. Once decluttered, we'll help you organise in a way that is unique to you and your family, supporting you in your lifestyle.

Rooms Included – Bedrooms, Kitchens, Living room, Playrooms, Home Office, Utility, Sheds, Garage and lofts

Services also available for professional spaces.

  • Storage and planning pre-visit consultation

  • Professional declutter and reorganisation of your chose area(s)

Please be aware, we do not dispose of any charity or refuse items, but we can advise on services available


Virtual Service

Book yourself a virtual session to help get you kick started on your goals or help with an area you are struggling with.

There is plenty of advice on the internet and our own instagram, but sometimes talking through your exact needs and being able to walk through together step by step is the best thing.

Service includes an email follow up with an products or links mentioned in the session.

  • A 1 hour virtual session to support you in your goals

  • Content will depend on your aims (how to get started,decluttering support, space planning ideas, storage suggestions)

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In person or virtual service

We offer space planning solutions to help you in the planning stage of your project. Whether it be designing custom fitted wardrobes, or how to plan office furniture we can help you every step of the way.


Virtual service

Another way we are here to make your life easier. We can focus on personal tasks ranging from creating party invitations, setting up appointments and finding suppliers. To professional tasks for small businesses such as content creation, chasing payments or email inbox management. 

You name it we are happy to help. 

The benefit being that you only pay for the hours work, so complete flexibility  of service.

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For in home services, pricing is based on a per day basis, of 10am to 2pm. Our standard fee is £320

Any additional fees costs associated with the service, ie. longer days, parking charges, providing storage will be discussed and agreed at the time of booking

Virtual sessions of 1hr are charged at £40 and include any follow up materials.

Virtual PA services can be booked in blocks of time for the best value

20 hours £575 *saving of £225 compared to ad hoc services

10 Hours £300 *saving of £100 compared to ad hoc services

1 hr or ad hoc services at £40 per hour

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