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New year, New Intentions

We’re moving past the whole ‘new year, new me’ mantra. After all, what’s wrong with the ‘old’ me, right?!

So, hear us out here, the new year is of course a natural time for reflection and looking forward, there is something about the 1st of January that feels like a fresh start. But lets also not set ourselves up to fail by setting unrealistic expectations. Or things that don’t really matter.

In her 20’s when she was young, free with no kids Ellie stopping making resolutions to give things up and started to embrace new things. Her focus was trying to be more grown up and mainly focused on food and drink- like trying to like G&T’s, coffee, olives and avocado. The drinks were a success but not the Olives…. Eugh! Beyond these light hearted examples we are sure that there are more meaningful 1resolutions now.

Transitioning from this to this year where we are focused on continuing to learn and grow as individuals whilst working towards our big goals. So we are starting with intentions and habits to work towards.

So here are some ideas on how you could think about your own new years resolutions

Identify key areas for growth

Like really stop and think about what is important to you and will affect your life rather than what you think you ‘should’ be doing. As working mums we can be expected to be present as great mums, have a clean and tidy home, volunteer for school/community activities, climb the corporate ladder, successfully juggle home and life, make time for our wellbeing, exercise regularly, make time for your friends…. You know the drill.

So reflect on areas of your life where you want to learn and grow. This could be related to career, personal skills, hobbies, health. Perhaps an organised home will help you have space for these things?

Establish New Habits

We intent to focus on forming one small habit at a time. For Ellie, on admin days, she plans to walk the long way back from school drop off to get more steps in.

If you want to keep your home organised you could star with making your bed every morning or setting a regular time each week to declutter.

Seek inspiration and support

Connect with others who have similar goals to you. They can potentially help with motivation, support, and insights of their own. This might start with cleansing your social media, for example if you are trying to spend less on clothes, then unfollow influencers who are selling clothes a lot and perhaps follow influencers who show you how to put together and style items already in your wardrobe.

But were you can perhaps think about the balance between digital connection and real life connections, do you have a friend that is also up for a declutter challenge, or an exercise group that you can join locally- like Lucy joined a running club.

Set realistic goals

Its unrealistic that you are going to be able to do everything straight away. So breaking things down and prioritising can definitely help. Like for Lucy who is into running and fitness, it makes sense for her to prioritise her training for a half marathon in the new year because of when the event is, but then she might have other fitness goals later in the year.

If your goal is organising your home, then perhaps your goal is one room in the house per month.

Track your progress

A journal, app, scrap of paper it really doesn’t matter, but we all know that celebrating those small wins feels so good. But a big thing, is to try not to compare with others, especially with what they choose to share on social media. None of our journey’s are the same so what matters most is that you are moving in the direction that feels right for you. Keep focusing on those small habits and changes that help you grow and develop as a person. Ok- that might be the cheesiest thing I have ever written, but it is also kind of true.

If your goals focus on your home and making it work for you, or your need your home to work effectively to support you in other ways then here are some ideas;

Declutter One Room per Month: Commit to thoroughly decluttering and organizing one specific room or area in your home each month. This systematic approach ensures that by the end of the year, every part of your home has been addressed.

Implement a Weekly Paper Sorting Day: Choose one day each week to sort through all accumulated mail, bills, and paperwork. On this day, file important documents, recycle junk mail, and address any items requiring immediate action.

Establish a Daily 15-Minute Tidy-Up Routine: Set a goal to spend 15 minutes every day tidying up your living space. This could involve putting things back in their place, wiping down surfaces, or doing a quick sweep of the floors

Find inspiration and tips from others- you have started well by being here, but think blogs, social media, books etc. (check out our social media, hint hint @Morganised_ltd).

You can check out our new 30 days of 10 minutes declutter challenges to kick start your new year.

Or maybe now is a great time to book a ‘Get me morganised’ virtual session. This is a great place for us to be able to help you get kick started on your goals and help you with anything that you are struggling with in your home. This is a session that is tailored to you and your exact needs. It also included follow up with notes from the session and any recommendations. We have had clients use

this time for various reasons, from creating a plan for decluttering their home, a fresh perspective on how they can make best us of a space or storage suggestions. Get in touch with us at contact@morganised.co.uk

Whatever your decluttering and organising challenge, just remember, we get it and we’ve got your back

And Happy New Year

Ellie & Lucy

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