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The ultimate guide to organising your home office space for productivity

In today’s world where hybrid and remote working roles are becoming the norm the lines between our personal and professional lives can often blur. Trust us, having spent many years in the corporate world, the transition to some work from home we completely understand. Having work space in your home that allows you focus is just as important as not having to stare at your ‘work’ work whilst trying relax and catch up on Greys Anatomy.

This blog post is with the working professional in mind, especially those juggling the demands of career with a bustling home life. Our aim is to help you create a home office space that is not only functional and clutter-free but also a source of inspiration. And most importantly we recognise the need to be able to switch off and transition to home mode.

First Up: Assessing Your Needs and Starting Fresh

Define your needs- Consider the tasks you perform. Do you require a serene backdrop for video calls, a quiet space for concentration, or ample room for spreading out technical drawings? Evaluate how often you perform these tasks and the reality of whether you can accommodate these things into your home.

Space available- Will others be using the same space for their work or studies? The dynamics of shared spaces can significantly influence your home.  Ask yourself; are other people going to be home? either working at the same time?  Is someone in the home looking after a child? Do the kids needing space for homework etc?

Current set up evalutation- identify what works and what doesn’t? do you have a comfy chair if you are there for long periods of time, how is the lighting? storage? Good internet connection?

Ok, so now you know what your needs are and what is/isn’t working for you in your space. So where is your workspace going to be- we suggest trying to stick to it being in one area for ease of set up, but this also helps to create boundaries between work and home. Anything that makes it easier to clock off and switch off is a good thing in our book.

Zoning your Space

Creating distinct zones within your home for different activities can significantly enhance productivity. For some people this might be a home office space, for others it might be finding an area within your home.

If you don’t have a designated home office room, then here are some things to consider.

·         Ergonomics and comfort- Somewhere that allows you to sit with a comfortable chair with a desk/surface at the right height- this is all about ergonomics and comfort so that your focus and productivity isn’t being disturbed by discomfort.

·         Minimize distractions- A way from distraction and interruptions, like if you choose then kitchen table but other people are coming in and out in order to make a cuppa its likely to be annoying and distracting.  Or the washing machine is loudly spinning whilst you are on a conference call.

·         Optimise Lighting- is it adequate throughout the day and through the seasons? But also think about things like video calls, or glare on your screens. Personally we love working in a space that maximises natural light, helping with concentration.

Have you got a spare room that  you could steal a corner of? This is often an under utilised room in a home (if you have one!), so can be a great place to locate a home working area.

If it is in another area of the room think about how you could hide it when it is not work time. Like have you seen those people who have put a desk into an alcove but then have doors that can close over it. Going off on a tangent here, did you see on ‘Hack my Home’ (yes I understand I am showing my viewing tendencies here) that there was a home office on wheels that pushes back to the wall!! Ok so that might be an extreme version. But if your work/desk is in the corner of the living room for example could you have decorative room divider for example. Of if it is the kitchen table is there some covered storage that you can put your laptop, notebook, mouse/keyboard etc so its out of sight for both you and your family.

Clutter: The ever present problem!

You didn’t think that we were going to get through this whole blog post without talking about clutter now did you?

Clear clutter from your desk space, for a calm workspace you can (try to) enjoy being in.

Cable clutter- try wireless devices, laptop docks and cable tidies to avoid the distracting sea of cables.  Here is the cable storage with extension cord that Ellie uses in her home office https://amzn.to/49uyJx3

Visual clutter can act as a mental to do list whilst trying to focus and work- like seeing the washing and thinking I need to fold that and get it away or the parcel that needs to be sent back.

Make it a nice space

Of course function is important, but we are sure you will be more productive if it isn’t a horrible place to spend time. A few personal items (don’t clutter!) can make a space feel more inviting, like a picture drawn by your child.

Ellie also mixes function and aesthetic by having a large colourful mouse mat across the desk, something like this could be a good option https://amzn.to/3P1JYVM 

And don’t forget storage…..

Finally storage, you might not really need much in the world of virtual working! But I do still love scribbling in a notebook. A bookcase can be great for office space, for folders and notebooks. But think about drawers under a desk, or a monitor shelf to tuck a few items in.

Using baskets or documents could be a great way of hiding away work items in a multi purpose space so you don’t have to look at them.


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Still feeling stuck? Get in touch at contact@morganised.co.uk. We can discuss your needs and how we can help you. Many of our clients find that booking a virtual ‘Get Me Morganised’ session has been great for space planning and kick-starting their organization goals.

Whatever your decluttering and organising challenge, just remember, we get it, and we’ve got your back.

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