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Do I really need a professional organiser to get organised?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Hey, everyone. It’s Ellie here answering one of the questions that we have been asked a lot. And my answer to ‘Do I really need to hire a professional organiser to get organised?' may surprise you…. No, no necessarily.

So, hear me out here, the simple answer is no, of course you don’t. You are absolutely capable of decluttering, getting organised or moving house by yourself- especially if you use lots of the tips that you can find online (including our Instagram…. Hint hint… @morganised_ltd). The real question is whether that is what you want to spend your (we are guessing) limited time on.

Think of it this way- can you clean your house? do your ironing? garden? wash your windows? valet your car?- the answer to all of those things is yes- but that doesn’t mean you have time or want to. Think of hiring a professional organiser as outsourcing this particular home-related task in a similar way. As with most things, it becomes a question of where you want to spend your time, effort and energy (oh and money!).

As an example, I painted my home office recently, I quite enjoy painting, I could shut it off

from the kids getting in the way and it was relatively straightforward, with a low ceiling and straight walls. In contrast, I absolutely intend to hire a decorator for my hall, stairs and landing- their expertise will mean that it gets done to a better standard in a lot less time! And honestly, I don’t want to see some dodgy cutting in every time I walk through my front door (and yes, check me out with the decorating lingo). Not to mention having to sort out ladders, and all the woodwork in that area- groan!

That is what you get with a professional organiser- you benefit from expertise and experience that will lead to a quicker and better outcome. Simples really

So, what exactly does a professional home organiser do?

Well, we work with you to declutter and organise your living spaces efficiently in a way that makes sense for you and your lifestyle. So that means listening to your pain points, understanding your life, what you like, how you think and operate, and helping you achieve that. For some people that is a Kardashian style insta-perfect pantry, for others it might be transforming the dreaded junk room into a functional space. Whatever your goals a professional organiser should listen judgment free and work with you to achieve that.

We had a client who was moving house with young kids, she really wanted the kitchen as the hub of the home to be sorted, but it was also really important that the kids’ rooms were set up so that they could start settling in as a family right away. It was physically impossible for her to achieve both between the last box being delivered at 4 and the kids going to bed at 8. But with morganised at her side, we got the kitchen unpacked and beautifully organised whilst she was able to get the bedrooms sorted before bedtime. Coming downstairs the next morning to an organised kitchen meant they could get straight into breakfast and with rooms unpacked, they could easily find all the ‘stuff’ needed for a morning full with dance club and swimming lessons. The family were able to seamlessly get on with their jam-packed schedule that weekend, despite waking up in a brand new house.

But really what do you do, what can you advise on?

Let’s assume that you want to declutter and organise a wardrobe. A professional organiser will support you in the decluttering process, provide advice on selling, recycling, donating. Some people also need a bit of emotional support and guidance- it can feel really overwhelming to part with things. Ok, and on occasion a little bit of tough love when you need it….. there really is a point where it is TOO many pairs of jeans.

Then, we can assess the space and advise on where and how to store your things so that they are looked after and achieve the ‘look’ that you are after. Then we get to work in making that happen- beautifully folded and matching hangers for example…..

For some people they may want help on planning storage for a bedroom refit for example, so that they have the right storage for items they have. There is nothing worse than spending a fortune on wardrobes and then discovering that you are fighting over the hanging space!

How do professional organisers become experienced and trained?

Not everyone is the same, but CPD accredited courses in professional organisation, work experience with established professional organisers and of course practice, practice, practice.

At morganised, we think it’s important that if you decide to work with a professional organiser, you choose the right one. They’ll be in your home working closely with you and your possessions. A couple of things to consider: Are you comfortable having them in your home? Do they ‘get you’ and your challenges? Is there anything that is particularly important to you – eco-friendly organisation practices for example?

Not quite ready to hire a pro organiser, but got the organising bug? Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for tips, advice and motivation. Or better yet sign up to become a morganised VIP and gain access to everything we have to offer, delivered straight to your inbox.

If you are interested in our services or booking a consultation then click here or email us at contact@morganised.co.uk

Whatever your decluttering and organising challenge, just remember, we get it and we’ve got your back

Stay morganised

Ellie & Lucy x x

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